Test Minigames
October, 5, 10:15 AM
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Easy and Professional Tournament Setup
tournament-iconSimple setup and user managementFor schools, clubs, businesses, and other institutions.
tournament-iconTeam and individual formatsChoose between several team formats and individual formats.
tournament-iconPhysical and online TournamentsSet up physical tournaments (OTB) for online play or directly on the platform.
tournament-icon+ Access to Advanced FunctionsCustomize the formats based on activities and requirements.
Spillsjakk Tournaments
Who is SpillSjakk for?
who-is-spillsjakkOther InstitutionsFor participants in Chess & Society, such as senior centers and prisons.
who-is-spillsjakkSchoolsFor participants in School Chess - elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.
who-is-spillsjakkClubsFor clubs in the Norwegian Chess Federation and the Youth Chess Federation.
who-is-spillsjakkCompaniesFor various companies participating in relevant tournaments and projects.
How to use SpillSjakk
Step 1. Set up a TournamentChoose a template or set up a tournament based on activity and needs.
Step 2. Add Clubs, Teams and PlayersDetermine who will participate in and/or be invited to the tournament.
Step 3. Promote a TournamentShare the tournament information with those who will play/be invited.
Our Platform is Free for now. That's why we really appriciate for your Donations, so we can continue to build and improve SpillSjakk App and Chess community.
Is it only possible to play from a laptop?It is possible to play from a laptop, iPad, Chromebook, and mobile.
Which browser should be used?
Can SpillSjakk be used on any network?
Do players need their own email address to create a user account?
What happens when players make illegal moves?